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Poem: The Scares of Life

Honor the scares of the soul. They are what taught you how to grow. Scares sow the seeds of releasing the pain. No, you are not insane! Your soul is awakening to the Universal plan of love, not pain. Forgive all those who have hurt you. Remember, no pain has ever gone through in vain. … Continue reading Poem: The Scares of Life

Poem: Tired

So tired and worn out mentally, physically, and spiritually. I need a long rest so I can be at my best. I have been fighting for so long; I have forgotten how to rest. I dream of a tranquil place to nest. So worn out from all life has thrown at me. But, still I … Continue reading Poem: Tired

Poem: Nothing to Say!

On this bright and beautiful day I have nothing to say. My muse refuses to come and play. It does not want to stay So I pray It will come back another day.

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