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Poem: Does Anyone Care

In a world of great stress. Where everything is a mess. Does anyone really care?   The world is in disappear. Trash is everywhere.   Lives are being ended prematurely For the other man’s glory. It does not seem far. Does anyone care?  

Poem: Housewife Blues

Nothing going your way. All the kids want to do is play. The house is a mess And you need is to rest, There is so much to do, You are blue. Your husband does not have a clue.   You clean all day. While everyone else plays. Yet, the house is still a mess. … Continue reading Poem: Housewife Blues

Poem: Dreaming of Dreaming

Still awake in the middle of the night. Why does not sleep come to me? My mind will not set me free. With the stresses of the day I fight. I cannot stop the thoughts spinning in my head. All I want to do is go to bed. Dreaming of dreaming, That is all, that … Continue reading Poem: Dreaming of Dreaming

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