The Death of Fred My Basset-Dachshund

It’s been some time since I have written any flash fiction. It was the Carrot Rench’s April 1st challenge, and I had to do it. April 1st is Fred’s The Anniversary with me.

Carrot Ranch April 1: Flash Fiction Challenge

April 1 2021, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about a swift passage. You can take inspiration from any source. Who is going where and why. What makes it swift? Go where the prompt leads!

Fred my beloved Basset-dachshund


The Death of Fred My Basset-Dachshund

You tried so hard to wait for daddy to come home,

You waited by the door, but your time had come.

You managed to make it into the living room.

I helped you on the couch. Trying to give me one last kiss.

I gave you one last taste of your favorite lemon pie

And kissed you goodbye.

We laid together heart to heart,

I felt the cyst over your heart burst.

You were gone just like that.

You died just like your mom

Laying on me, head on my shoulder

With a smile on your face. Goodbye Fred.

Content and photo by Brenda Marie Fluharty ©2021 all rights reserved


6 thoughts on “The Death of Fred My Basset-Dachshund

  1. A poignant write, Fred runs in your mind through the memories you made. Both leaving and arriving … the only certainties in this world, but both are emotional and both we fail to be fully prepared for. This is agood use of the prompt. Brenda.


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