Three Tips For Being a Happy Writer

Three Tips For Being a Happy Writer

These tips for being a happy writer come from my personal experiences.  I am not an expert in happiness.  I have been writing all of my life and I have been blogging for over ten years.  I have made many mistakes, and I have learned from them.  I base these tips on things I have learned and gone through over my time as a writer.

Write For Yourself!
Write What You Are passionate About!
If You Get a Chance to Guess Blog Take It!

Tip #1 For Being a Happy Writer:  Write For Yourself

Tip #1 for being a happy writer, write for yourself.  You will never be happy writing, if it always worries you about what other people think of your writing.  There will always be people who love what you write.  And, there will always be people who dislike what you write.  It does not matter what anyone else thinks.  Write what you like to write about.  Write about things that make you happy and things you are interested in.  There will always be people out there that are interested in what you are writing.

Tip #2 For Being a Happy Writer: Write What You Are Passionate About

Tip #2 For being a happy writer, write what you are passionate about.  If you write about things you have a passion for, you will never run out of ideas on what to write about.  This one is not always easy for everyone.  I admit, when I first started blogging, I had a difficult time, figuring out what to write about.  I went through many changes.  I started a few blogs that I ended up removing because I wanted to start over.  Every time, I started over I learned new things and new ways of getting better.

I wrote what I thought other people wanted to read.  I wasn’t really happy with the whole thing.  When I first wrote online, my idea was to share my poetry and short stories with people.  I had many people tell me you could not have a blog that was poetry and short stories.  Boy, were they wrong.  I have discovered, there are many blogs that are just poetry and short stories.

I also love to write about spiritual stuff.  This is where I had to learn some things.  I had to discover my audience with the spiritual stuff.  I am into Reiki, meditation, Alchemy and other spiritual healings.  I also love to write about dream interpretations.   It also took me some time to decide, how I wanted to brand myself and my writing.  About a year ago, I finally got it.  I am thrilled with what I am doing.

I have made no money with either of my blogs.  But, making money with blogs takes time.  You have to, have a large following or have your own products or service to sell.  I took some time to figure this one out.  That is why I said, you need to write about things you are passionate about so, you can build up your blog\’s content.

Tip #3 For Being a Happy Writer:  If You Have the Chance to Guess Blog Do it!

Tip #3 for being a happy writer is if, have the chance to guess blog takes it.  Guess blogging will help you get more readers to your blog.  In the beginning, I had a few chances to guess blog.  I did not take them.  I am happy that I did not because I have changed my blogs so much since then.  It would not have been a good thing.  I would do it now if I had the chance.  I have finally gotten my blogs the way I want them to be.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my three tips for a happy writer.  I hope this article helps you to become a happy writer.  Have a great day and God Bless.

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